KEYC - TRUE Transit Works To Finalize Rural Public Transportation Syste

TRUE Transit Works To Finalize Rural Public Transportation System

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The work continues to bring public transportation to parts of rural Blue Earth, Le Sueur and Nicollet counties.

TRUE Transit operated by VINE Faith In Action and MnDOT are in the process of creating the routes for the service based on survey results.

Since early this year, True Transit has been partially operational with one bus providing rides for people who call and request, with more than 700 passengers the first half of this year.

They are waiting on the arrival of four more buses before they can formally launch but in the meantime, they're trying to get the word out about the system.

VINE Marketing Specialist Paige Schuette said, "This is the first time it's ever been offered, and we're trying to get out into those communities and let them know this is an opportunity that is coming. That's a crucial piece too. You can create the best system, but if you don't have the word out there, so people know about it, nobody's going to use it."

The hope is to have the additional buses later this fall.

Funding from MnDOT and the counties helped launch TRUE Transit, with fares supporting it once fully rolled out.

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