KEYC - Madison Lake Man Charged In Alleged Attempted Burglary

Madison Lake Man Charged In Alleged Attempted Burglary

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A Madison Lake man is facing charges for allegedly trying to break into a home in rural Blue Earth County.

Authorities were dispatched just before 3 a.m. last Friday to a glass break alarm at the home.

According to the criminal complaint, officers arrived to find shattered glass on the patio and in the home. Officers also found blood on a concrete stone and a blood trail leading away from the house.

Officers followed the trail to a nearby home, where 31-year-old Jesse Alishouse, of Madison Lake, was getting his hand bandaged.

Alishouse allegedly told police he had cut himself while working at a church earlier that evening.

After collecting evidence from the scene, authorities were able to match Alishouse’s blood with the broken window.

He is charged with one count of attempted burglary and one count of 4th degree damage to property.