KEYC - 25-Year-Old Man Charged After Allegedly Assaulting Police Office

25-Year-Old Man Charged After Allegedly Assaulting Police Officer In Mankato

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A 25-year-old man is charged after allegedly assaulting a police officer at a local hospital.

According to the criminal complaint, Ronnie Christian Larson, of Madison Lake, was placed under arrest and brought to the MCHS Mankato emergency room last Friday to be treated for injuries before being taken to jail.

An officer at the hospital observed Larson outside of his room looking around. Once she approached him, he began running down the hallway.

During the chase, Larson allegedly pushed the officer, causing her to fall to the ground before assaulting her again.

The officer eventually tazed Larson and arrested him.

He faces six charges, including 4th degree assault on a police officer, escaping from custody, and fleeing from police.

The police officer was cut above the lip during the incident. She was treated at the hospital and released.