Next weekend, Native American tribes from the Midwest and Canada will gather for the 45th annual Pow Wow.

The three-day event starts this Friday, Sept. 22 at Land of Memories Park featuring traditional dancing and music during the four Grand Entrees, with food and vendors.

The event brings natives back to the land of their ancestors to reconnect with family and friends to celebrate culture and remember tragedies.

Mahkato Wacip Chair David Brave Heart said, "Homecoming for a lot of Dakota communities because as we know they were exiled in 1863 after the Dakota–U.S. Conflict this is really an opportunity for Dakota families to come back."

It provides a chance to share and educate non-indigenous peoples about Native American culture.

Mankato Area Public Schools sixth graders will also stop at the grounds next Friday to learn about Native American cultures and traditions from more than two dozen presenters.

--KEYC News 12