KEYC - Veterans Resource Center Open House

Veterans Resource Center Open House

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The Veterans Resource Center on the MSU campus held an open house today.

The event was an opportunity to meet peers, faculty and professionals that can help with not only college, but life as well.

For those eligible, the Veteran Resource Center serves as a place to receive help.

Success Coordinator Tim Adams says, "We bring them in and they can talk to us. We direct them to tutors, financial resources to academic resources. We can be that point of contact for them when they don't know where else to go to get help."

ROTC Member Bridget Auch says, "The Veterans resource center has helped me a lot through my college. So I graduated through the ROTC program on campus and there were times that I came there just looking for documents or how to fill something out, financial help and overall every time I go in everyone is friendly."

Adams says future plans include a guest speaker on Veteran's Day and attendance in the homecoming parade.

--KEYC News 12