KEYC - Students Learn Farm Safety With Mock Accident

Students Learn Farm Safety With Mock Accident

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More than 300 fifth graders were in attendance for the 20th Annual Farm and Home Safety Day hosted by the Waseca County Farm Bureau at Farmamerica.

The main event of the day was a mock farm accident demonstration to show just how quickly an accident can happen.

"We want all the kids to be aware, stay away from the equipment," Debbie Roemhildt, coordinator of the day said. "It goes really fast and is dangerous."

The Waseca Fire Department, North Waseca Ambulance and even a Mayo One Helicopter responded to the mock PTO tractor accident.

A pilot for Mayo One says being involved in an event like this also helps kids know how to be safe around emergency responders.

"Just know that we're there and not be afraid of us, and the biggest thing is if they see us coming in to stay away," said Nicholas Erickson, Mayo One Pilot. "So they're safe and more incidents don't happen from them being too close to an accident."

Along with the demonstration, students visited six other safety stations, including animal, tractor and chemical safety.

And in the end, the goal of the day was to help kids not only learn how to prevent an accident, but also how to get help in case it does.