Six buses and four vans are damaged after a fire broke out in the Truman bus garage.

Truman Fire Chief Dave Bentz says the fire started around 1:30 Wednesday morning inside one of the six buses.

Crews pulled that bus out, containing the fire but the heat and smoke caused damage to the other vehicles and building.

The owner of the bus garage Ron Lenz says the fire appears to have started in the computer area of a bus, becoming so intense it melted down anything plastic inside.

Fire Chief Dave Bentz says "When we arrived there was heavy smoke coming out of building. We tried to reach it from side door and met heavy heat and smoke so we backed out. We tore down the overhead doors and that's when we found this bus was on fire."

Truman Fire remained on scene for two hours with mutual aid from Fairmont. Bus services out of Jackson and Fairmont have brought buses down to Truman that will be up and running by this afternoon.

-KEYC News 12