KEYC - Bus Company In Need Of Drivers For Mankato School District

Bus Company In Need Of Drivers For Mankato School District

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A bus company in North Mankato is reporting a shortage of bus drivers for the school year.

Chief Operating Officer of Palmer Bus Service Shane Johnson said all routes to and from school in the Mankato school district are covered, but there is a need for more.

"We can always use more route drivers, some sub drivers, extracurricular drivers to take our students to their field trips or sport activities," Johnson said.

While there are enough drivers to fill daily routes, not having substitutes or extracurricular drivers makes things like asking for time off more difficult, bus driver Tim Murry said.

"When I started, the deal was that we have plenty of bus drivers if you need time off," Murry said. "You could get up in the morning and just say 'I got something going on today,' you call in, you have the time off. Now if you want to take a vacation or need some time off, you plan ahead."

Johnson says the shortage is something he was expecting.

"This has been a growing issue in our industry the last few years and we've seen it coming, it's something we've been talking about," Johnson said.

However, no route goes unfilled. Johnson said if it is needed, drivers from other districts are called in to help.

If you want to apply to be a bus driver, you can visit the bus garage office in North Mankato or apply online at Palmer Bus Service's website.