KEYC - Volunteers Headed to Florida for Hurricane Irma Relief

Volunteers Headed to Florida for Hurricane Irma Relief

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St. Peter native Joe Reinemann will put his four and a half years volunteering with the Red Cross to good use.

Reinemann along with four other Minnesotans will head to the Orlando staging area on Friday. From there, they'll be dispatched to where they're most needed.
"I think it's most likely that we'll be working in a shelter. My team is all mass care and I'm being deployed as a shelter supervisor. Basically providing shelter and feeding people that are displaced by the hurricane," Red Cross Volunteer Joe Reinemann said.
As soon as Reinemann hits the ground in Florida he will be solidly working for the three weeks he's deployed.
"The extent of the damage is really something, it's a very large response on top of that then with Texas, it's unprecedented," Reinemann added.
Between Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Minnesota currently has 106 volunteers deployed, but help is still needed.
"The hurricane disrupted a lot of thing including blood drives in Florida and Texas. So we need blood and that's something people can do right here to help. Otherwise you can support the Red Cross financially if that's possible or you can join and be a volunteer. Follow me down," Reinemann said.
The Red Cross is doing everything possible to get relief to those affected by the hurricanes. So far, the organization has served nearly 1.7 million meals and snacks for Hurricane Harvey relief and distributed over 383,000 relief items.

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