KEYC - School Boards Association Listening to District's Concerns

School Boards Association Listening to District's Concerns

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A tour across the state is focused on helping school districts with their biggest needs.

The Minnesota School Boards Association Advocacy Tour brings together board members and superintendents to discuss policy and funding issues that are impacting their districts. Funding is always a priority but it may not be as big an issue as it was in year's past.
"Our board members are always interested in more flexibility and so one of the things they will probably be looking at is perhaps some mandate reductions, teacher shortage. We have led the way the last two years on trying to find ways to provide some incentives and reduce barriers for teachers coming in," M.S.B.A. Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind said.
The association will continue to travel the next week gathering ideas and hopefully develop a legislative platform that's based on the grassroots concerns of school board members across the state.

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