A special archery deer hunt 991 begins this Saturday September 16 in the East Minnesota River Refuge.

The refuge is located in Blue Earth and Le Sueur counties along the east bank of the Minnesota River.

It is open to archery hunting until Dec. 31 for taking antlerless deer and legal bucks.

Hunter registration or application is required prior to hunting.

The purpose is to assist in the tracking of the deer harvest and deer population in the refuge.

Wildlife Officer Joe Stangel says, "The refuge is unique because it's entirely private land you have to have permission to hunt it but the special hunt does allow you to take a two deer limit and that deer can be a buck and a doe or two does depending on what you choose to take."

The number of permits to be issued is not limited, but hunters must apply before hunting.

There is no fee for this permit application.

--- KEYC News 12