Six school buses and 4 vans are destroyed after a fire broke out at the Truman bus garage.

Authorities say it started around 1:30 Wednesday morning, and started in the electronics on one of the buses.

Despite the damage, school at Truman went on.

Once the fire was out, and the damage was surveyed, school administrators sat down to figure out what to do.

Do they cancel school?

Or could they find a solution somewhere.

That somewhere, turned out to be Jackson.

"Somehow a contact came across from a busing company in Jackson," says Truman principal Mark Nass. "They had some extra buses and so on and offered them up for use. As of how we thought it wouldn't be until next week or maybe even Monday, as of this afternoon we have our regular schedule back and ready to send kids home."

That's fix for now. But still... how did the kids get to school in the morning?

Turns out it was all just parental involvement.

Sprinkled with an extra incentive.

"We needed parents to bring their kids in. we were expecting that perhaps we'd have a few absences today," says Nass. "But as it turned out, I would say 99.9% of our kids were here. The parents brought them all in. Picture day might have helped with that. Today was picture day."

--- KEYC News 12