KEYC - MPCA Issues "Moderate" Air Quality Alert For Southern Minnesota,

MPCA Issues "Moderate" Air Quality Alert For Southern Minnesota, Friday

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Southern Minnesota -

Thursday, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued a moderate air quality alert for southern Minnesota tomorrow, that will run from noon to 8:00 p.m.

The biggest factor in this notice are the wildfires raging north of the border.

Most of the population shouldn't be affected or experience anything different; the moderate level pertains to those who are sensitive to air pollution.

Officials say if you fall under that category, limiting your time outside along with closing your windows and turning on the air conditioning will help those who are more vulnerable.

Doctor of Family Medicine Colin Weerts, DO said "It's the people who are already more susceptible with like chronic respiratory conditions that I think are going to have bigger problems. Potentially people with some asthma or just other allergy types of things, would be the people I would be worried about."

For updates and other information, you can visit the MPCA website

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