KEYC - Expecting A Good Crop On The Vine

Expecting A Good Crop On The Vine

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The grapes are coming off the vines as harvest begins at Indian Island Winery in Janesville.

The vineyards are expected to produce an above average crop this year, good news after frost last year reduced some of the bounty.

The winery is about a third of the way through the primary harvest and expects to wrap up by early next month.

The grapes are also benefiting from the warm conditions this week after August's cooler weather.

Indian Island Winery's Ray Winter said, "The heat brings in the sugar, and it drops the acid, which is the two real components of making good wine. You need to get the sugars up there, so you get the alcohol content and you want the acids down that makes it smoother, more palatable wine."

The winery has two more harvests one after the first frost and another in December or January for ice wine.

In addition to the good harvest, the winery is also celebrating awards from the 9th annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Indian Island took home a gold, silver and two bronze medals in the competition held mid-August.

They also took home a trophy for Best in Show for their Marquette red wine.

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