KEYC - Waseca Couple Spreads Love With Rock Hunt

Waseca Couple Spreads Love With Rock Hunt

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A Waseca couple has found a new way to spread joy to the community.

And they're hoping you'll join in to spread the love.

Roberta and Roger Walker were in Texas visiting their daughter when she suggested an idea.

Roberta says, "We went around town looking for a place to go rock hunting and there were people all over."

Which in turn, led them to paying it forward.

Roberta says, "We had such a fun time I thought this is something we should do in Waseca."

You see, this isn't just any old rock hunt.

Roberta says, "Sometimes it is just a message, maybe a picture."

With a special message for all.

Roger says, "There's so much hate in the world and love defeats every time."

The rocks can be hidden all over town. Once you find one, you can keep it, or pay it forward.

Roger says, "When you see the joy on the face of a child that found one, you can't not hate."

They've painted

hundreds of them at a special rock party with several volunteers.

All with words of inspiration.

And those who find the rocks, some will post on the group's Facebook page.

Roger says, "Someone posted and if it's someone going through a tough time, one person said you will never know what this means to me."

Putting smiles on people's rock at a time.

The rocks have been spread all over the county and even internationally.

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