KEYC - Knights/Crusaders Clash in Match-Up Between Two New 9-Man Teams

Knights/Crusaders Clash in Match-Up Between Two New 9-Man Teams

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This year, the 9-man football landscape in Southern Minnesota changed with a bunch of teams dropping down from Class A.
The Knights are off to an unbeaten, 2-0 start  while the Saders are 1-1 to begin the season.

"It is a more wide open game, I know the Madelia kids after the game were like, 'welcome to the XFL,' and that's kind of what it is, it's arena football, I remember as a kid, it's always been wide open, you create a gap, and there's a lot of running room," said Marc Bachman, Loyola head coach.

Both the Crusaders, and Knights are adjusting to a new style of game.

Friday night, the two squads clash for the first time since making the switch.

"I'm hoping we can just shove it down their throat, run the ball right down the middle, run right where we want. Run all over them, we're working, pushing our line, and try to run all over them," said Carter Fogal, Loyola senior half-back/safety.

"We're going to try and fill the box, stop the run, and force them to pass. We have some physical, very active kids in our front group for defense, so we're going to try and force them to pass the ball deep on us," said Brent Kucera, St. Mary's head coach.

"They're a big physical team, much like what we saw with Madelia, probably larger than us. It's going to be a challenge to be able to create some holes for our backs and quarterback to run the ball through. We did open up and throw the ball quite a bit more last week, which was fun to do, so we want to keep them off balance, don't just run one or two plays at them, but make them defend the entire field," said Bachman.

"We're going to try and win the game up front physically, and try to beat them with the pass," said Kucera.

"Watching film on them, they are pretty big, so we're looking to stop the run against them," said Fogal.

We'll have highlights from this game and so many more coming up on tonight's edition of Sports Extra.

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