The Beauford United Methodist Church was awarded an "Acts of Grace" grant as a way to provide outreach to the community.

With that grant, dozens of lunches were provided to local construction workers.

"They're doing essential work and we just want to show them how thankful we are," Andrew Bittner, pastor of Beauford United Methodist Church says.

The Beauford United Methodist Church came up with a way to give thanks to the Highway 22 construction workers.

"We've got sandwiches and fresh vegetables. We've got water and we've got root beer floats, and then coffee to refuel for the afternoon," Bittner says. 

Friday's lunch was just one of two provided as work continues alongside the stretch outside the church.

"We had to lay out what our project was before we made the application. Our application was this project called Grace Under Construction," Bittner says. 

A gesture foreman Matt Landsteiner says is a first for him in at least seven years.

"We're not used to that so it's nice. We usually get the complaints not the thank you," Landsteiner says. 

The Highway 22 construction project began back in February and is expected to be complete in early November.

-KEYC News 12