KEYC - Nobel Conference 53 Focuses On Reproductive Technology

Nobel Conference 53 Focuses On Reproductive Technology

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This year's Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College focuses on reproductive technology and how it stands to shape the future of society.

The series of speakers and panels draw attention to this issue and how it has an effect on everyone, Yurie Hong, the conference chair, said.

"It shapes the societies that we all live in," Hong said. "It reflects the values that we have and it also pushes forth our view of society that we want."

It's a view that can shape the future of our society, Ruha Benjamin, associate professor from Princeton University, said.

"What we're really talking about is which lives are worth living," Benjamin said. "So how we think about and talk about reproductive technologies has implications for our social investments in education, in healthcare, employment and housing."

The conference will look at subjects of social justice, gene editing, male contraception and preventing inherited diseases.

It continues Wednesday morning at 9:30 and will be live-streamed on the college's website. If you're interested in attending, you can purchase tickets here.