KEYC - West Soccer Team Eyeing Undefeated Season

West Soccer Team Eyeing Undefeated Season

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The Mankato West girls soccer team is chasing history aiming to be the first squad in school history to finish a season undefeated.

"I think it's going really well, we really showed up in the big games and continued to play our level throughout the season no matter whoever we play. We've hit a couple bumps in the road with a couple of tough ties, but to get this far in the season and be undefeated is a huge accomplishment for us," said McKenna Buisman, West senior forward.

Fresh off a runner up finish in the class a state tournament last year, West is rolling through this season without a loss on its record outscoring opponents 50 to eight through the team's first 14 contests.

"I think it certainly let us know that it was possible, we can do it. The potential is always there, we know it's possible. We've been there and done it. We know it's going to take some more work because everyone knows who we are now so we aren't going to sneak up on anybody. I think just knowing that it's possible sets a different tone. You know it's there whereas before last year, you hope it's a possible but don't know if you can do it. We know we can do it, and I think that changes your focus at practice, and your attitude on the field," said Crissy Makela, West head coach.

"We're doing a good job of connecting the ball throughout the whole field, we've had so many different scorers. When we have players come off the bench, there is no drop–off in play. I think that's a huge key to our success, and using our strengths to the best of our ability. Connecting our passes and keeping the ball out of the back of the net has been a huge deal," said Buisman.

West dominates the possession game, clinically breaking down defenses.

"If you have the ball, your chances of winning improve dramatically, that's what we want, we want the ball. We work to keep the ball and build. If you can get more players forward attacking, the better you are. If we just try to punt and run, playing three against their five backs, the success rate isn't very high. So we try to build and send a lot of people forward. If you can do that possession game, play a lot of forward and backward support balls, you're going to find that your whole team is moving forward together as a unit, and your chances of scoring increase because you have numbers up," said Makela.

The Scarlets have two regular season games remaining including a match–up Tuesday night against Albert Lea.

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