October 3rd marks the end of Blue Earth Wal-Mart's 30-year run. Now it's up to local businesses to fill the absence.
"It's a small community so we all talk and all of us are kind of in the same boat, we are saddened by the news because it's affecting a lot of people in our area but we definitely want to get together and let people know that staying here locally and shopping locally supporting your community the best way to do it and we're all going to work together to make that happen," Juba's Supervalu store manager Tim Juba said. 
A major concern for consumers was where they will get their prescriptions filled...again, Blue Earth has a local solution.
"We're not turning anyone away anyone who's looking to get their prescriptions in town here can contact us. We'll walk them through the process and will basically take care of everything for them to meet their prescription needs," Blue Earth Drug co-owner Ryan Milbrandt said.
Blue Earth Drug has also hired new staff to help with the transition process. Between the two businesses, they're hoping to have the town's needs covered.
"Over the counter products we have quite a variety of those things here so the things that people weren't getting as a prescription but just buying over the counter, they can stop in to see what we have to offer," Milbrandt added.
"Take some advice from the customers that are coming in asking for products that we haven't had before or that they were buying elsewhere and we're doing what we can to bring those products into the store to help our customers out and so they don't need to leave town and hopefully they'll stay here locally and shop with us," Juba said.
The decision to close came last month. According to Wal-Mart it was made based on a business model, not on store or employee performance. The lease on the building runs up in January.

--KEYC News 12