A 49-year-old Jackson man is charged in connection with an ongoing burglary investigation out of Jackson County.

Authorities arrested Delane Hendricks after recovering stolen property from three different states at his rural Jackson home.

When deputies arrived to execute a search warrant, they say Hendricks jumped out of a window and ran into a cornfield.

He was located several hours later inside a combine cab at a nearby residence.

From Hendricks’ home, deputies recovered over $92,000 worth of items stolen from area businesses, including an over $40,000 skid loader from Butler Machinery in Sioux Falls back in 2010 and a 2017 Can-Am ATV from Jaycox Implement in Lake Park, Iowa in April valued at $15,000.

He is charged with four counts of possession of stolen property, three counts of third degree burglary, two counts of theft and fleeing a police officer.