KEYC - New Devices Can Cause Distracted Driving

New Devices Can Cause Distracted Driving

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With all the new technology, it's tempting to look at your devices while driving, however new technology is causing crashes to rise.

The Minnesota State Patrol says 25 percent of crashes are distracted driving-related. They say one reason this number is on the rise is because of the increase in phones and technology in vehicles.

"I think that as it becomes easier and easier to use this technology, and it becomes easier and easier to get those football games and those different medias to stream live on your phone, it is going to continue to be an issue," Sgt. Dan Angerson said.

Cell phones are no longer the only distraction in the car, built-in devices can now stream video and apps. However, John Peterson from Sweet Sounds said they're designed to shut off when the car's put into motion.

"All of your texting apps, all your messaging apps, anything like that, is actually minimized, you cannot use it through there," Peterson said.

He said this technology can be installed in almost any car, and most new cars are starting to include it.

While it can cut down on phone usage, any distraction is still a concern.

"The driver's main focus should be on driving, and anything that's going to distract them from that, could cause a crash," Anderson said.

It is illegal to have streaming devices in eyesight of the driver, even if being used in the passenger seat.

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