KEYC - 7th Annual Mankato River Ramble To Take Place Sunday

7th Annual Mankato River Ramble To Take Place Sunday

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The seventh annual Mankato River Ramble Bike Tour will be taking place on Sunday.

This unique event gives riders an opportunity to bike through the scenery that the greater Mankato area has to offer.

Bicyclists will have an opportunity to choose from four different routes, each with a different number of miles.

New to this year's event is an added 16 miles as part of the 58–mile loop to Good Thunder, giving participants a chance to see a giant mural.

Routes will feature rest stops, food, music and more, including ride support, which the owner of the Nicollet Bike Shop encourages riders to assure their bikes are ready to go.

Justin Rinehart said "To get that bike prepped is kind of an important thing that a lot of people kind of overlook. A lot of times, people are borrowing a bike from a friend. Make sure tires are aired and chains lubricated, you know take it for a little test ride around your neighborhood first before you bring it to the event, just to make sure it's working. If you have any last second issues, we'll be on site too, to help get your bike working well."

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