Blue Earth County engineers are looking for the public's input concerning a traffic pattern change on Madison Avenue.

The intersection of Haefner Drive and Madison Avenue has long been a concern for motorists. The two alternatives that have been identified for intersection control are either a roundabout or an RCUT. 

"What that allows is right out movements, off of Haefner Drive and also allows for u-turn movements, getting them the opposite direction on CSAH 17. It does eliminate the north/south through movements as well as the north/south left out movements on Haefner Drive," Blue Earth County engineer Ryan Thilges said.
The other option is a full access intersection with roundabout control. The county will take the public's feedback into consideration when making their decision.
The next meeting will take place on October 11th in Eagle Lake at the City Council Chambers from 5-7 p.m.

--KEYC News 12