A woman from Blue Earth is among the many survivors of the Las Vegas shooting.

JyLessa Levenhagen was one row away from the stage extension at the concert when she heard the gunshots.

Having gone to Vegas with her friends and neighbors, she's now thankful to be alive.

'I'm still wrapping my head around that it was the worst mass shooting and to think I was actually there. I just don't know.'

JyLessa Levenhagen was enjoying a country music concert, having a wonderful time.

"There's the main stage I was one row back of the extension of the stage on the Mandalay side."

When all of a sudden a noise interrupted the music.

"It sounded like firecrackers at first and then everyone was yelling to get down. I was in a 10–ft radius of two people who went down."

That's when she knew those sounds weren't firecrackers.

"When the second round went off, everyone was like get down, there's people hurt."

Quick thinking let her and her friend Morgan to a safe spot.

"We actually climbed under the stage."

After climbing over the gate and escaping with a few bruises, they made their way to the Tropicana Hotel.

"I'm blessed I have my angels. Hearing all the screaming, I screamed myself, I don't know how to explain it."

An answer she might never know.

"I'm so lucky to be here."

JyLessa and Morgan returned to Blue Earth early Tuesday morning.

Her mom and best friend surprised her at the airport.

She says she's never been so happy to see them.

Now, she says she wants to help those who got hurt.

-KEYC News 12