KEYC - New Bike Route Being Proposed To Riders

New Bike Route Being Proposed To Riders

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The 7th annual Mankato River Ramble attracted more than 1,700 riders today. Of the 4 routes they could choose from, one contained a stop that could add a new public bike trail for citizens throughout the year. 

On a near perfect Sunday morning, thousands of riders rode around Blue Earth and Nicolett County.

Of the many sights and stops along the way, one spot caught some interest of local riders who could be seeing a new trail develop.

MnDot and the DNR are partnering together on a project to build a new bike route for citizens.

Officials described this new proposal to riders and are keeping their ears wide open to help decide where this new path will be located.

DNR Parks and Trails Area Supervisor Craig Beckman said "What's their preferred route based on scenery, based on difficulty, based on where are they already biking. And then we want to hear negatives as well, what don't they like to see in a bike route versus what they do like to see."

After examining the four options, bicyclists then voted on which passage they would prefer to ride on.

Although this plan is just in the beginning phases, one selection seems to be intriguing most of the bikers.

So far the popular vote is the blue route, due to the low number of traffic and flat terrain. This trail would cover county roads 23 and 25, connecting the towns of Cortland and Judson.

Some individuals decided to expand on their selection with comments, mentioning characteristics, good or bad, regarding that colored route.

St. Paul resident Ron Gerdes said "The highway 14 route seemed like it was too busy, too much traffic. The purple route had also quite a bit of traffic and was quite a bit longer. And the blue route seemed like it would be a little bit more through the country and just more pleasant."

No date has been set for when the MnDot and the DNR will make their selection.

If you didn't get a chance to view these displays, the same presentation will be held during the Courtland Fish Fry on October 14th.

List of routes:

Red (Hwy 14/CR 23 through Courtland, Nicolett & Judson)

Blue (CR 25/23 connecting Courtland & Judson)

Green (Township 173/CR 62 connecting Courtland & Judson)

Purple (CR 24/Hwy 68 connecting Courtland & Judson)

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