KEYC - Two Waterville Girls Collect Books To Donate To Hurricane Irma V

Two Waterville Girls Collect Books To Donate To Hurricane Irma Victims

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A little girl with a big heart came home from school one day wanting to help...

Donator's Mom Beth Clinton says, "Cheyenne came home and she was talking about hurricane Irma, how she was sad that these kids lost everything and she wanted to do something."

After a little brainstorming, they decided on book donations.

Donator Cheyenne Clinton says, "I'm going to donate them to Hurricane Irma because I feel sad about what happened to Florida and the other states that got it."

And so one thing led to the next..

Beth says, "We got in touch with one of my friends down in Florida and reached out to him because he has a year book company down there. Got in touch with him and schools and they suggested we donated to a public library."

With some help from her sister..

Donator Shelby Clinton says, "I'm excited."

And the community...

Cheyenne says, "There coming from kids that we know and they are coming from my school and my grandma."

The sisters are feeling full of happiness as their bins fill up with books from the community.

Cheyenne says, "It makes me feel happy and then I get more friends by helping them."

Shelby says, "It makes me happy. I would be sad if I lost my books."

As mom and dad stand proud watching their daughters make an impact.

Beth says, "It makes me feel so happy. They have such caring and giving hearts anytime there's a disaster here or anywhere they are sad and want to do something."

The Clintons will be collecting books until the end of October.

For those interested in donating books you can drop them off at the Lake Region Newspaper or The village in Waterville.

Beth plans to create a Go Fund Me page in the near future to help with shipping costs.

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