KEYC - St. Clair Still Waiting On FEMA Funds

St. Clair Still Waiting On FEMA Funds

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ST. CLAIR, Minn. -

$51,000 from FEMA helped St. Clair with recovery immediately after the flood last September, but the city is still waiting on FEMA for the rest of the money.

Part of the reason is because repairs to the waste water treatment plant and lift station needed to be finished before requesting funds.

"It took six or seven months to get all those repairs completed, and then documentation of all those repairs sent it," Catherine Seys, city clerk-treasurer said.

Recent hurricanes did put a short delay on funds, but the real hold up has been in the planning phase to raise the berm wall at the water treatment plant.

"We want to make sure all our I's are dotted and T's are crossed so that there's not any complications in getting that funding," Seys said.

The project was originally expected to be completed by the end of September, and not having it done yet is raising some concerns.

"We did make it through September, but the beginning of October has been every rainy just from Friday until this morning, the Le Sueur River has rose three vertical feet, and if it continues to rain, we could face some of the same situations as we had last fall," Public Works Supervisor Thad Baker said.

Even as the waiting game plays out, Seys said the city is thankful for FEMA's help in recovering after the flood.

"A small city like ours, I don't know how we would overcome a disaster like this without FEMA, even waiting on the funds isn't the worst thing," Seys said.

The city is still waiting on close to $600,000 from FEMA between the repairs and berm project.

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