KEYC - Council Discusses Updates to Airport and Concerns Over Sidewalks

Council Discusses Updates to Airport and Concerns Over Sidewalks

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The City Manager has entered into a grant agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to make the following updates to the Mankato Regional Airport: reconstruction of taxiways including lighting replacement, update the airport layout plan and conduct a wildlife hazard management plan. The total cost will be $2 million dollars. $1.8 million provided federally and equal amounts of $100 thousand from MNDOT and the city.

Also, advocates from SMILES Center for Independent Living spoke on their concerns over sidewalk safety within Mankato.
"Basically talking about a mobility issue when it comes to sidewalks and not only particularly for someone with a disability but for all people," a SMILES advocate said.
Their concern is having to actually enter the street in several places in the city. SMILES advocates invited City Council members to participate in a walk through downtown.
"You can participate using a wheelchair which will be provided but we're basically going to carry these signs and go around the busy intersections in the downtown area just to make awareness to drivers that there are pedestrians of all different kinds, we're there and we want to get home too," a SMILES advocate added.
The walk will begin at the Public Safety Center at 3 pm on Friday.

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