KEYC - Zebra Mussels Found In Iowa's Big Spirit Lake

Zebra Mussels Found In Iowa's Big Spirit Lake

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is keeping a close eye on Big Spirit Lake after a zebra mussel was found attached to a rock back in September.
The first zebra mussels in the Iowa Great Lake chain were found back in 2012 and have increased in numbers since.
The City of Spirit Lake recently upgraded its drinking water intakes in the lake in preparation for a possible infestation.
Young zebra mussels are microscopic and can be unintentionally transported with water in live wells or bait buckets.
Adult zebra mussels can attach to boats, trailers and aquatic vegetation.
Boaters are reminded to clean and drain their boat before leaving a body of water.
The DNR says biologists will inspect boat hoists and docks after they come out this fall for storage. For more information, click here.