"What's duck duck goose?"

Just like this first grader Shelby's reaction, Minnesotans were quackin all over social media after last night's NFL commentary when the game was referred to goose over grey duck.

I took to Nicollet's first grade Phy. Ed class where they're playing the game to see why this is such a big deal.

Nicollet Public Schools Phy. Ed Teacher Christian Harmeyer says, "I've always learned duck duck grey duck. As kids we always played that when we really young and its just what we've done. What we've known."

But the real question that nobody seems to be able to answer is, where did this originate?

Harmeyer says, "I have no idea. Back when who wants to do a millionaire was big I know that they said one of the answers was duck duck goose so that's where I first really knew it. I always thought it was duck duck grey duck ever since I was little."

But even though there's no significance to a grey duck over goose, Minnesotan's take pride of it.

Harmeyer says, "I think being prideful of something that maybe you brought to the area, Minnesota, that's a big thing. Everyone that I talk to has stated they've always known duck duck grey duck in Minnesota and maybe it's just a regional thing for us as Minnesotans."

So when duck duck goose was heard on many televisions throughout Minnesota during last night's Vikings game, they took offense to it.

Harmeyer says, "Most of America does watch football especially Monday nights a big game so everybody is going to have their own different version of how they expect it to be answered I guess so whether around here you're going to have everyone it's duck duck grey duck who knows in California maybe its duck duck goose maybe it's something else."

But either way..

Harmeyer says, "Duck duck grey duck will be here forever."

--KEYC News 12