KEYC - B.E.C Sees Slight Drop In Crime In 2016

B.E.C Sees Slight Drop In Crime In 2016

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Mankato -

Overall statewide crime has slightly decreased since last year.

While some numbers have seen little change here in Blue Earth County, County Attorney Pat McDermott says certain drug offenses were reclassified from felonies to misdemeanors.

Though, McDermott says there has recently been an uptick in crime compared to the summer months as an additional 18,000 MSU students returned to campus.

"Homecoming last weekend we saw a little over 127 citations for underage consumption. But it's those types of matters that continue to increase our caseloads just in general," McDermott says. 

McDermott says with the county expecting to grow through 2035 there's a constant risk to see these numbers rise.