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Home Heating Preps For Winter

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

As the days get cooler, Tom Guggisberg, a service technician for Ahren's Heating and Cooling in New Ulm, is at homes checking and cleaning furnaces in preparation for winter.

He's trying catch anything that could go wrong before the cold weather hits.

"You don't want a surprise in the middle of winter on Sunday morning," Guggisberg said. "If it's cold in the house, that's never good."

He said not checking could put your home at risk.

"You can potentially have a fire hazard or carbon monoxide issue if there's problems with the furnace," he said.

And his final tips:

"Keep the furnace clean, keep everything away from it, change the filter, probably the number one leading cause of problems," he said.

Guggisberg recommended checking the furnace at least once a year and change filters as needed.

For those concerned about keeping their heat on this winter, there's still time to get assistance. The Cold Weather Rule goes into effect Sunday.

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