KEYC - Health Forum Focuses on Women's Wellness

Health Forum Focuses on Women's Wellness

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MANKATO, Minn. -

By attending the Women's Health Forum, women learned how eating better, moving more, and nurturing relationships can benefit your life.

The fair held mini exercise classes and provided a wealth of information about health, wellness and healthy eating. Over the last six years, the health forum has transitioned from discussing illness to focusing on wellness.
"We've really kind of changed the nature of the event to really be very inclusive. How do we get involved in our community, how do we get involved in making decisions for ourselves, how do we get involved in taking care of ourselves," Mankato Clinic's Ceceli Polzin said.
The theme of the event this year was "resiliency" and why it's so important for women's health.
"That's a word that people don't understand that well and so they'll understand what it means to be resilient and maybe even identify points of time where they have been resilient and didn't realize it," Polzin added.
Area groups within the community attended the health forum such as VINE, Key City Bike and the YWCA to name a few.

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