A long-time physical therapy clinic in North Mankato now has a new owner.
KEYC News 12's Ryan Gustafson looks at how he's trying to make it in an ever-evolving health care landscape.
On the corner of Lor Ray and Commerce, Todd Kruse sets about on a tough task. Making an independent physical therapy outfit that he purchased from his former boss into something that can stand on its own.
"I've been here about ten years. But Wenger Physical Therapy was probably the first physical therapy place in town. They used to be the therapists for the Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic back when they were on Belle Avenue. Then they branched on their own and have been at this site since 1988. They've been independent. Ron and Linda Wenger valued independent business and what they bring to the community. They kept it going and hopefully we'll keep it going as well. It's tough in health care right now, but I believe in what we do," Kruse said.

You don't need a doctor's note to go to a physical therapist. As long as it's a muscle or skeletal issue they as close to expert as you'll get. But people tend to go to doctors first, and the industry has shifted away from independents.

"Being independent is harder because now the providers want to keep everything in their system to control as much as possible, so if you think about the Twin Cities, there used to be multiple orthopedics groups and now it's consolidated down to four or five. The same thing is happening all over."

Kruse says a name change and renovation is likely in the near future, just as soon as they get the financing.

-- KEYC News 12.