Pound Pro Laurie Thorstad says, "Pound is a fitness class that utilizes under used muscles. There's a lot of squats and lunges and jumps and we use ribsticks called pound ribsticks.

The lightly weighted sticks are used to pound together while you work out and rock to music.

Thorstad says, "The harder you pound the harder you hit the more it works out your core muscles because you have to constantly catch yourself and balance yourself so it's good for your core. The squats of course are good for leg muscles, there's a sitting position one that's good for your core. There's a laying down one that's good for legs and thighs. It's really good strength and cardio."

Thorstad says the mix of strength training and cardio is beneficial for your body to keep you healthy.

Thorstad says, "You lose muscle as you age and this helps you regain it and we all know that muscle burns more calories than fat does so it's just a win situation all around."

Classes are held at the St. Clair fitness center. 

Days and times:

Monday: 6:35PM

Wednesday: 8:30AM

Thursday: 6:35PM

Every other Saturday: 9:00AM

There is also an open to the public class being held in Eagle Lake at the grade school on Tuesdays at 3:45PM.

--KEYC News 12