The Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office recently welcomed a new four–legged member to the force.

At just nine–weeks old, Jet has already been a good addition to the Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office.

"For the last several months we've been searching for a new dog and we finally found a new German shepherd puppy. We've located out of a local breeder out of Nicollet County and we're very excited to start training it," Le Sueur County Sheriff Brett Mason says. 

Though Jet is still too young for extensive training, he will be staying with a K–9 handler to begin obedience training.

"Our K–9 handler's committed 110% to this project. It is an extensive amount of work. You don't just put the K–9 in the back of your squad car and come to work. This is a 24/7, 365 responsibility," Sheriff Mason says. 

He expects Jet will be certified by the K–9 Academy when he's between a year and 18–months old.

"I anticipate that Jet will be active as a Le Sueur county deputy probably spring of 2019," he says.

Jet will be trained in areas of apprehension and narcotic detection, but Sheriff Mason says Jet's addition doesn't just benefit Le Sueur deputies.

"A big thing that I think a lot of people don't realize as well is it's a huge public relations asset. It's good for the community. It's good to see the youth of our community get a chance to participate and interact with that K–9," he says. 

The county's previous K–9 retired last April.

"Le Sueur county has a long-lasting tradition of having a K–9 program since 1981 I believe," Sheriff Mason says. 

Jet has become the newest member to join the four–legged legacy.