After being alerted by neighbors to a possible abandoned dog situation, Eagle Lake Police stepped in. That's just where the story starts.
Here's the ending everyone was hoping for.

Neighbors first contacted the Eagle Lake Police Department in early September, about barking dogs coming from a trailer within Country Manor. Officers spoke with the owners but the situation wasn't resolved, in fact it had gotten worse.
"We got a call of possible neglect of the dogs where one was possibly injured and they could hear the puppies inside whining," Eagle Lake Police Chief John Kopp said.
Chief Kopp and Officer Teila Baynes immediately began monitoring the home. After 30 hours, no one had come to take care of the dogs inside and officers knew they needed to act.
"We contacted the veterinarian to come with us because we knew that there was a couple dogs that were loose in the trailer itself," Chief Kopp added.
"This was just the beginning of that hot spell we had and we did notice that there was some lack of water at that time of day. This was later in the afternoon and there wasn't anything for them. There was a little bit of shade but then there was also some areas where we had concern about excessive heat," Premier Veterinary Center Dr. Jim Rundquist said.
All the windows were shut and the inside temperature was over 95 degrees. Four adult dogs and eight puppies were found in the trailer. 
"A couple of the adult dogs were in their own feces and urine in the cage so they had been there a while," Kopp said.
"It is the opinion of this veterinarian and his technicians that the lives of these animals were threatened due to the lack of care," Rundquist added.
"Of the twelve dogs that were seized from the home in Eagle Lake, most have been adopted but these three puppies are still looking for a forever home."
"The Chief of Police, and we certainly have to give them the credit of watching the situation and taking some action before things had really deteriorated," Rundquist said.
Two of the adult dogs are still up for adoption as well. Those interested in adopting, can contact Premier Veterinary Center at (507) 345-3887

The owner of the dogs, Jodi Redford of Eagle Lake has been charged with mistreatment of animals and depriving them of food and shelter. She faces 90 days in jail and a possible fine of $1,000.

--KEYC News 12