KEYC - YWCA Awards 410 Project, Plants Tree At Riverfront Park

YWCA Awards 410 Project, Plants Tree At Riverfront Park

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Thursday, members from YWCA Mankato and the 410 project gathered at Riverfront Park to partake in an annual ceremony.

The Women of Distinction Distinctive Difference award was bestowed on the 410 project, a community art organization, in March.

With that honor, the organization gets to choose a tree and the location where it gets planted.

This new bi–color oak now sits along the park and gives residents an opportunity to enjoy it while appreciating why it's here.

410 Project Executive Director Dana Sikkila said "It's just great to be able to have kind of this landmark that people will be able to gather under or walk around. And for the 410 to kind of have more of a staple in the Mankato community."

The YWCA has been awarding businesses and organizations with this achievement since 2012, for promoting the empowerment of women and people of color, along with making a significant contribution to the community.

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