KEYC - JWP Excited About New Facilities

JWP Excited About New Facilities

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Outdoor sports at Janesville- Waldorf- Pemberton High School just got a lot more fun and it's all thanks to the school's new additions.

Janesville-Waldorf- Pemberton High School received a new turf football field, turf softball field, track field and more.

Football Coach Blake Boran approves of the changes that have assisted with hazardous weather.
Boran says, "If it's raining outside we don't have to worry about mud with our new synthetic field. Also it just this past Friday, it was a pretty heavy rain throughout the day and we weren't worried about mud or anything just worried about lightning and that was our only concern so we were able to get out here and play the game."

The school has seen an increase in enrollment and the superintendent believes the new additions are a contributing factor. The school says the turf field for football will be used for soccer and lacrosse as well. They are not expecting any new additions soon.

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