KEYC - North Mankato Asking For Budget Ideas

North Mankato Asking For Budget Ideas

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The city of North Mankato is enlisting the help of its citizens to get feedback on where the 2018 budget should go.
Looking to place $2 million dollars into a North Mankato project, the city is putting a spin on the usual budget meeting and inviting the public to interact with one another to decide where the funding should go.
"Focused on the public safety, the parks and the streets that's always been the city's bread and butter, it's always been strongly supported by the citizens and businesses so we definitely are going to continue that. With the $2 million dollars we're open to new ideas we could do another street project or a parks and recreation type project so we're really looking for help to kind of figure that out," North Mankato Finance Director Kevin McCann said.
This isn't the only chance for the public to give input.
"The budget isn't finalized until December so we'll have these meetings and another budget workshop with the council, kind of fine tune it late November and by December we have to have the truth and taxation so that's really the official kind of public hearing on the budget but we're really using this process to kind of get an informal take on how citizens feel about the budget and where our priorities should be," McCann added.
The next public engagement session will take place on October 17th at Neutral Groundz Coffee Shop.

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