In Mapleton, the ninth-ranked Eagles hosted the Buccaneers of Waterville-Elysian-Morristown, for both teams entered undefeated in section 2A competition.

Both defenses stood strong early, as WEM's Brant Melchert tracks down Maple River's Nathan Moore for the sack.

Moore, a former prep athlete, would get the first points of the game with this 33-yard field goal to put the Eagles on top early.

Backed up inside their own 20, WEM's Will Storch tries to get the punt off but  Logan Ziegler blows through line and blocks the kick, the ball rolls around in the end zone before being recovered by Lincoln Arndt for the touchdown.

Arndt would have 15 carries, going for 82 yards on offense as well 

Ziegler wouldn't be done as  Grant McBroom has trouble with the snap, Tyler Maas forces the fumble and gets pick up by the senior lineman who takes it 65 yards to the house, to give Maple River a 16-0 lead.

McBroom would bounce back, throwing this dime to Tanner Ranslow, who makes an incredible catch and runs away from defenders to put the Buccaneers on the scoreboard.

Ranslow would add on two more receptions, totaling 73 yards on the night.

McBroom goes 6-for-17, 81 yards and a TD.

The Eagles would take a 23-6 lead at halftime after Moore calls his own number right before the break, ending the game with 50 rushing yards.  

That would be all Maple River needed as Ziegler was all over the field in this one, sacking McBroom and helping Maple River improve to 6-1.

Offensively, Ziegler added seven carries for 48 yards. 

WEM's Taylor Glende, our Prep Athlete of the Week, finished with 115 yards on 12 carries and a TD.

- KEYC 12