Area law enforcement and the Violence Awareness and Response Program at Minnesota State University-Mankato are working to raise awareness for domestic and intimate partner violence, create a place for victims to heal and hopefully put an end to domestic violence.
So far this year, there have been 95 domestic related cases within Blue Earth County. The County Attorney's Office meets monthly with organizations like CADA, law enforcement, prosecution-any providers who would respond to a domestic violence call from start to finish.
"The Blue Print for Safety is something we enacted a few years ago and continue to try to improve on. We just take a case and we follow it from beginning to end see if there's something that we should have done differently. There's different risk factors, different questions that could be asked," Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott said.
The violence awareness and response program at MSU is working to create a supportive place for victims and survivors to talk about their experiences and hopefully put an end to domestic violence through events held this October.
"Naming what they've been through, naming what they've experienced and as much as we can do to break that silence, break that stigma, make a safe place for victims and survivors to share their truths if they feel comfortable then hopefully we can continue to move forward through that phase of building awareness into a place of making changes to the culture,"Laura Schultz, Assistant Director for the Violence Awareness and Response Program at MSU said.
While the month is dedicated to raising awareness, the program wants victims to know this is a year-round effort and anyone needing assistance can reach out at any time. To find the Domestic Violence Awareness events being held at MSU visit,

--KEYC News 12