Thousands of people are getting ready for Sunday's marathon, making the event one of the most important for the city. 

With the Minnesota Vikings no longer calling Mankato home, another event has risen, to generate revenue for businesses around the area.

The Mankato Marathon has taken place for more than half a decade.

Around 10,000 people rush from as far away as Japan, to this city, eager to run in the race or spectate.

Businesses look forward to this weekend as well, especially those near the finish line, who saw one of its highest sales days of the year during the competition.

WYSIWYG employee Connor Martin said "Last year, one of our peak days of the year, it was huge. Being able to also be an organic healthy juice bar is such a benefit to the runners we believe. So, that really helps to rejuvenate them after their race with the finish line being right outside."

Saturday, the expo kicked off the festivities as thousands of individuals signed in for the big run.

While others enjoyed partaking in activities that hardly used their legs.

Still, many organizations and businesses were on hand to take advantage of the huge number of runners and fitness enthusiasts that have come into town.

Visit Mankato president Anna Thill said "Mankato Marathon is a huge weekend for Mankato. It brings in $1.6 million in economic impact over the weekend and that just continues to grow year after year. So, it's a marquee event for the city."

The Mankato Marathon is now one of the biggest revenue generating events throughout the year.

These establishments will be enthusiastic for the high number of traffic that will settle here tomorrow morning, for South Front Street will be packed as competitors cross the line, ending their 26.2 mile trek.

For a complete list of event information for Sunday, including bus transportation and packet pick-up times, you can visit

- KEYC 12