The Alden Conger volleyball team is rolling into the section 2A tournament on a six match winning streak thanks in part to the play of a 5–year starter.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark tells us why Erika Bute is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.

Erika Bute's now a junior, having tallied more than 2,000 set assists, and 1,000 digs since she began starting as a seventh grader.

The setter's flourished into an all–around player and shares a special relationship with her mother who also doubles as Alden Conger's head coach.

"It's actually so much fun, because we live, breathe, die for volleyball. So off the court, it's going to volleyball games, her running me to practice somewhere in the offseason. High school, of course it's volleyball, I mean, it's my whole family too. At the kitchen table every night, the conversation is volleyball," said Erika Bute.

"I'm very proud of her, and it's hard because it's walking a fine line between the coach and mom thing. I think we do a good job of that, I'm probably harder on her than I am the other kids, and she deals with it," said Jolene Bute.

When the junior isn't running the show for Alden–Conger, Bute spends time playing for Northern Lights, an AAU team that finished third at nationals over the summer.

"I play with girls that have committed to high D–1, I have two girls on my team going to Minnesota, one to Iowa, one to UCLA, one to Wake Forest, USC. It is high level, there are coaches watching us all the time, and my game has developed immensely," said Erika Bute.

"It's huge, she played over a hundred games from November to July 4th, so that just helps tremendously, and the level of play she plays at is college level," said Jolene Bute.

Bute's ability to take over a game is why she's our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.