In Class AA Section 2, NRHEG hosted LSH, a team they defeated 24-10 two weeks ago.

However the Giants seemed to have used that as motivation early...As on the first possession of the game, Jared Miller initially gets stopped but finds a seem and takes off, outrunning defenders to open up the scoring.

The defense would piggy back off the momentum, stripping the Panthers running back as Logan Kahlow falls on it.

However later in the quarter, Kahlow would cough it up as Jack Hogstad grabs the ball to give NRHEG possession.

The Panther offense would finally get going as Nick Staloch gets the toss and makes a nice move to avoid a defender, running down the sideline for a first down.

NRHEG wore out the Giants on the ground, finishing with a total of 319 yards rushing as a team. 

Jake Stork would continue the success through the air, rolling out and connecting with Sawyer Vanmeldeghem.

NRHEG goes on to win 36-23. They'll head to Mapleton on Saturday to face #1 Maple River.

- KEYC 12