The Sibley East football team turned a corner this year by finishing off its season with a record over .500 for the first time since 2012 when the team went all the way to state.

Leading the way on both sides of the ball is senior quarterback and safety, Gavin Bates.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark tells us why he's our KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.

“He’s been huge, he’s improved so much over the last year, and become a real threat on offense. Defense, I think he has five interceptions he’s really been able to take opportunities when he’s there. On offense, he’s been breaking big runs, making good reads, hitting guys when they’re open, he’s been playing very well this year,” said Kevin Durham, Sibley East senior.

“I see the field a lot better, honestly if you saw my tape from my freshman, sophomore, junior year, I wouldn’t see the field, would be scared to run the ball, I’d always be quick to pitch it. Since we practice it all the time in practice, I’m getting used to it,” said Bates.

Defensively, Bates is a ball hawk, recording multiple interceptions this season.

“It helps being a quarterback because I think like an offensive coordinator for the other team, I kind of know what they’re going to run to which side, down and distance, stuff like that,” said Bates

“He’s a great centerfielder back there, he drops to the safety spot in passing situations, smart, waits for the quarterback to commit, and flows over, usually a corner is there to, both go up and one of them come down with it,” said Alan Halverson, Sibley East head coach.

Bates playmaking ability is why he’s our KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.