A Westbrook Walnut Grove High School graduate who now teaches art in Houston at a school directly affected by Hurricane Harvey has her alma mater to thank for not forgetting about hurricane victims.
Students and staff at Westbrook Walnut Grove High School chose to "black out" their school Wednesday, shutting off lights from 8:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.
The plan initially began as an opportunity to see how much energy they could save but a bigger mission came out of it. 

"By participating we are saving $75 dollars today. The money we are saving will go to the hurricane victims." 

Student council had already been busy fundraising for hurricane victims...and one science class saw it as the perfect moment to unveil their project idea.
"The class is an environmental class, we're part of a larger contest in the state called youth energy summit and the whole crux of the contest is to do good for the environment or save energy," science teacher Pat Merrick said.
"It's showing us basically that we can save lots of money by turning off just lights and maybe more," ninth grade student Sammy Ward added.
"The primary objective is two-fold one to give the kids a bit of confidence that they can dream up a project and complete it they did everything from the planning all the way through today including getting press coverage from bigger challenge this is exciting for them so one is the confidence in building the project and the bigger one is how much electricity we really use how important it is and how Lunch meat weeks do we really need the lights on at 2 o'clock on a beautiful fall day, could we shut them off," Merrick said.
Money raised from the "Black Out" as well as the other fundraising efforts will now be donated to Eisenhower High School in Houston.

--KEYC News 12