KEYC - Republicans Reflect One Year After Trump's Election

Republicans Reflect One Year After Trump's Election

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One year ago on November 8, President Trump shocked the world by defeating Hilary Clinton to become the 45th president.

We checked in with local Republicans to see how they think he's doing as commander in chief.

Munson says, "I'm really pleased with his performance so far. Some people in the party are excited for the progress he's making. I think a lot of Republicans in Washington aren't happy. He went there to drain the swamp but he's facing resistance from both sides."

That resistance is mostly brought on by the President's use of social media.

Munson says, "The social media aspect has gotten a lot of Republicans upset and could we have a president without thumbs, but one thing is he's learned to circumvent the media and without getting his message to voters, I don't think he would've won the election."

One area where Trump's influence is yet to be decided, is whether or not he will help Republicans across the country get elected across the country.

Munson says he thinks he will.

"He's gonna help down–ballot Republicans. He's brought in a lot of Independents and Democrats who are upset that their party went too far to the left."

That test could come right to Southern Minnesota.

Trump won every county in Southern Minnesota except Olmsted, but yet this area sent Democrat Tim Walz to Congress.

Jim Hagedorn says he wants to partner with the President and continue with his reforms, saying he would even welcome him to come to Southern Minnesota to help him campaign.

Hagedorn says, “I would never say no to the President of the United States.”

Hagedorn says he likes seeing the Trump bump in the economy and how he’s making reforms with energy.

Hagedorn says, “I’m excited we’re moving things along in Washington, most Republicans wish we could be moving faster, but I think we’re on the right track.”

One year from now is the midterms, which might be the biggest test yet for how the president is faring, both here and nationally.

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