KEYC - Fairmont Officer Sentenced After Hitting Young Boy

Fairmont Officer Sentenced After Hitting Young Boy

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A man is sentenced for striking a 7-year-old boy in the face while off duty from his role as police officer in Fairmont.
35-year-old Officer Craig Fowler received a stay of adjudication for misdemeanor domestic assault after entering a guilty plea October 17.
Fowler received two years probation and two days in jail, as well as conditions to complete a psychological evaluation, chemical assessment, and parenting capacity assessment.

The criminal complaint states the incident happened in late August after the child was arguing with his brother.
Witnesses say Fowler apologized to the child after the incident, but investigators saw redness on the child's face and a possible black eye.

The case was handled by the Faribault County Attorney's Office.
Fowler was placed on paid administrative leave and remains there while the police department conducts an internal investigation of the criminal charges.